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How to Make Money Online as a Travel Blogger

Did you know you can actually make money online by sharing your experiences and travel advice about the Philippines? Let’s find out how to do it while enjoying travel.

Living in the Philippines, we’re surrounded by breathtaking beaches, beautiful nature, and delicious Filipino food. You know how great it feels to chill on our beautiful beaches and discover places with cool stories.

But did you know you can actually make money online by sharing your experiences and travel advice about the Philippines?

Let’s find out how to make some cash while enjoying the beauty of the Philippines. In my blog, I want to share 7 ideas on how to earn money by monetizing your travel experience:

  1. Make a Tiktok account
  2. Make a travel blog website
  3. Sell tours or activities
  4. Rent accommodation or motorbike
  5. Offer something unique
  6. Offer local experience
  7. Make your home great again

Ready? Let’s go!

1.Make a TikTok account 

Begin your online journey by setting up a TikTok account dedicated to travel in the Philippines. Choose a username that aligns with your content or reflects the nature of the destinations or experience you’ll explore. Create a bio that invites viewers into the adventure and establishes the setting for the visual experience that you have prepared.

Taytay Beach in Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan Island

Show how beautiful are the Philippines

Capture the essence of Philippine travel destinations through short, visually appealing videos. Whether it’s the beautiful beaches of Palawan, the lively markets of Manila, or the cultural celebrations in Cebu. Each video should show the different views and stories of the islands.

Monetize Your Tiktok

Turn your TikTok activities into a travel vlog and a source of income by using three powerful money making strategies.

Sponsored Posts

Partner with brands eager to display their products or destinations on your TikTok account. As your follower count grows, so does the potential for partnerships that can turn your passion for Philippine travel into a successful online earnings.

Affiliate Links

Include links into your bio and lead your followers to your travel website with affiliate content. Guide viewers to products or services related to your travel adventures. Earn a commission for each click on link or purchase, transforming your stories into a revenue flow.

Paid Content

Offer exclusive content to a dedicated audience through paid subscriptions. Share what happens behind the scenes, extended travel guides, or personalized shout-outs in exchange for a small subscription fee. Build a group of people who support and are interested in your travels in the Philippines.

Continue Learning

On TikTok, trends and challenges make a big impact. Stay responsive to popular topics and include them into your Philippine travel vlog content. Engage with your audience through comments, duets, and collaborations to sustain a community eager to start on this digital adventure with you.

For a Further exploration into making money using your TikTok, check out our detailed article on how to earn money online in TikTok. Discover more advanced methods, negotiation tips for sponsored deals, and insights into maximizing your earnings on this active platform. Let’s transform your TikTok content into a successful internet business.

2. Make a Travel Blog Website

Write a travel blog or website where you can share stories about cool places, fun activities, and comfy hotels or resorts in the Philippines. This part is all about turning your love for travel into something that can make you some passive income online.

Create a Website

Pick a platform like WordPress or Blogger to make your website. Think of it as a special spot where you can tell people about your adventures in the Philippines.

Write Your Stories

Share your cool experiences in simple words. Write a blog about different places, exciting things to do, and comfy hotels or resorts. Your travel blog is like a window that shows others the beauty of the Philippines.

Write Fun Stuff

Make your travel blog website interesting! Write guides and fun stories so people enjoy reading your adventures. Encourage them to explore the Philippines too.

Wander the Web

Stay on track in the online world. Make your travel blog easy to find on search engines, share your stories on social media, and talk to people who leave comments.

Monetize Your Website

Turn your website into a way to earn some extra cash and passive income. Here are two smart ways how to do this:

  • Advertise Hotels. Join affiliate programs and work with hotels so their ads show up on your blog. When people click or book through your blog, you get some money for each booking they will make.
  • Sell Tours and Activities Online. Partner with local tour companies. You can sell their tours and activities on your blog, and when people buy, you earn a bit of money too.

Your blog is like your own storybook of the Philippines. In the next parts, we’ll discover more ways to make your online journey exciting and maybe even make some money from it.

3. Sell tours or activities

If you live in a place where lots of tourists visit and you know how to create special tours, why not be a guide yourself? It’s easy, and you can use your TikTok or website to tell everyone about the cool tours and activities you offer.

Bankerohan Public Market in Davao City, Philippines. Photo by Frank Lloyd de la Cruz

Your Special Tours

Think about what makes your tours unique. Maybe you know hidden spots or fun activities that travellers would love. It could be anything special about your place.

Share on TikTok or Website

Use your TikTok or travel blog website to show off your awesome tours. Make short videos or write about the fun things people can do with you. This way, everyone can see how cool your tours are.

Be a Guide

Being a tour guide means you help people explore and have a good time. Share your love for your place and make sure everyone has a great experience.

Show Off Your Adventures

Let your TikTok and travel blog become a showcase for the adventures you offer. When others see how much fun people are having, they’ll want to join in as well.

Easy and Fun

Being a tour guide is easy, and it’s a lot of fun. You get to share your favorite places and activities with new friends.

So, if your home is a tourist hotspot and you know the coolest places, why not become a tour guide? Your TikTok and blog can help you spread the word, and soon, you’ll have people joining your awesome tours!

4. Rent motorbike or Accomodation, and Much More 

TikTok or a travel website is a great way to sell your own tours or to partner with other tour companies. But your income flow doesn’t stop here. If you have a motorbike or a place, why not let others use them? It’s a smart way to earn even more money.

Rent Your Motorbike

If you own a motorbike, people might want to borrow it for a ride. You can allow them to rent it, which is essentially like earning money from your motorbike.

Live street scene in Bongao town on Tawi-Tawi Island. For travelers, there are almost no possibilities to rent a motorbike, but for locals, this is a great business opportunity.

Rent Your Place

If you own a cool spot, like a room or a cozy place, you can let others stay there. It’s like having guests, and you can make money by renting out your place.

Sell Your Tours

If you know great places and cool activities, you can offer tours. People pay to join your tours, and you get to show them amazing stuff.

Make More Money

By renting your motorbike, place, and offering tours, you’re making the most of what you have. It’s like having different ways to earn money and making your income bigger.

Easy Way to Earn

Sharing your things is easy, and it helps you earn more money. It’s a smart move to let others use what you have and make some extra cash.

5. Offer Something Unique

The Philippines has lots of islands, but everyone usually goes to the famous ones like Palawan, Boracay or Siargao. However, there are many hidden spots waiting to be discovered. You can create videos or write about these unknown places to make your content special. This might even lead to working together with local hotels and tour guides.

Explore Hidden Spots

The Philippines boasts over 7000 islands, each hiding incredible places that often go unseen. Consider, for instance, the enticing Islets and the hidden beauty of Captivate Falls in San Benito. Despite being part of Siargao, these gems remain hidden, as many tourists head directly to the well-known General Luna without realizing what they’re overlooking. These are the types of hidden treasures waiting to be explored and shared.

Make Your Content Unique

Creating videos or writing about places that haven’t caught much attention makes your content special. People are attracted to new and unique experiences. For example, you might highlight the clear coastal town of Alegria Surigao del Norte or the breathtaking landscapes found in other municipalities of Siargao.

Work together with Locals

Your special content opens doors for working with local hotels and tour guides. They might want to team up with you because you’re showing off places that others haven’t seen yet. Imagine yourself working with a nice resort in Coron or teaming up with a local guide to discover secret waterfalls in Biliran.

Lead the way

Being the first to find and share amazing things is not just a matter of pride but can also be a source of income.

Think of it as being an adventurer, and others will join to find these secret treasures. Lead the way to special spots like the natural beaches of Surigao del Sur or the refreshing hot and cold springs of Surigao del Norte.

Show what others might miss

By revealing undiscovered places, you’re showing the beauty that others might be missing. Your content becomes a guide for those who want a different and unique experience. Showcase the calmness and peacefulness of Malalison Island or the cultural richness of Lake Sebu.

Thus, if you want to stand out, explore the lesser-known places in the Philippines. Make your content special, and who knows, you might even get to work with local hotels and tour guides who appreciate what you’re doing!

6. Offer Local Experience

Offer a unique local experience by exploring less-crowded places. Provide exciting options like private island hopping, fishing tours, and showcasing the best Filipino food. Take travelers on overland tours to calm jungles or quiet beaches. Make your offer different from what is usual, and travelers will love it.

Local fisherman in Bangka boat near Cebu, Philippines. Photo by Hector John Periquin
Local fisherman in Bangka boat near Cebu, Philippines. Photo by Hector John Periquin

Skip the Crowds

Most places tourists visit are really busy, but you can take them to quieter spots. These are places not everyone knows, and it makes the experience more special.

Fun Adventures

Offer unique adventures like going on a private island hopping trip or a fishing tour. These are things that many tourists haven’t tried yet.

Taste Filipino Delights

Show off the best Filipino food experiences. Introduce them to delicious local dishes that they might not find in regular tourist places.

Explore Hidden Places

Take travelers on overland tours to hidden spots like quiet jungles or lonely beaches. These are places that aren’t on the typical tourist maps.

Make It Special

By offering something different, you make the experience special for travelers. They’ll appreciate the chance to see and do things that most tourists miss out on.

Stand out by offering a local experience beyond typical tourist spots. Lead them to hidden gems, unveiling the genuine charm of the Philippines. Travelers will treasure the unique adventure you offer!

7. Make Your Home Great Again 

Make your hometown shine! While many travelers go to famous spots in the Philippines, your hometown might be missed. Yet, I’m certain hidden treasures are waiting to be found. Travelers love quiet and authentic places, but a shortage of places to stay could be a challenge. Let’s change that!

Tell Your Hometown’s Story

Share the story of your hometown through writing and videos. Highlight the best nearby islands and secret waterfalls. Let people know there’s more to your town than meets the eye.

Create Accommodations

Help travelers by offering accommodation options. If there aren’t many places to stay, you can create comfortable and unique spaces for them. This way, they’ll feel welcome and want to explore your hometown.

Rent Out Motorbikes

Make it easy for travelers to get around by renting out motorbikes. It’s a small service that can make a big difference in their experience.

Build a Business

Turn your love for your hometown into a profitable business. By offering accommodations and motorbike rentals, you’re making your hometown more attractive to travelers.

Believe in Your Hometown

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there’s nothing special in your hometown. Sometimes, locals overlook the amazing things around them. Share the beauty of your home, and others will see it too.

Locals versus Those from Outside

Don’t wait for people from outside to come and start businesses. You can do it yourself! Start a business from your home and share what makes your hometown unique.

Do not neglect the value of your hometown. Introduce what makes it special, provide places for people to stay, and create new opportunities to make it a popular and growing place. Be the one to restore greatness to your hometown!

Wrapping Up!

Grab the opportunity in the digital marketing and business journey. The online world acts as a key, opening many responsibilities. Whether you’re in a busy place or a quiet spot in the Philippines, the internet lets you earn money online from anywhere, even the most remote islands in the Philippines. 

So, take the chance to explore the online world, and let your special story connect with people worldwide. It’s your time to shine in the digital spotlight! 

Pinoy Travel Blog Websites

Explore captivating Pinoy travel blog websites such as:

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Earnings as a Travel Blogger

Pinoy travel bloggers make money through things like affiliate marketing or partnerships with local tour companies, or partnerships with hotels. Some earn between 100k to 300k each month. Just think about all the things you could do!

Increase of Tourism in the Philippines

In 2019, 8.26 million tourists spent over 11 billion USD in the Philippines. With tourism on the rise again, local people have a great opportunity to share something special and earn some money

How to start

Do you have questions about writing a travel blog or travel vlog? Feel free to ask in the comments. Join our Facebook group for discussions on how to start your travel business journey.

The Philippines is waiting to be explored, and the World is ready to follow your unique journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your passion into a successful online business!

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